From end-of-year deadlines, performance reviews, next-year planning, data analysis, end-of-year budgets, businesses do a lot to close out the calendar year. This year, it seems Congress has one thing in common — the budget.

Although the fiscal year ended on Sept. 30, Congress didn’t complete negotiations to pass a full spending package. Instead, Congress passed a continuing resolution to keep last year’s funding levels until Dec. 15. It didn’t surprise many people when yet again, Congress couldn’t negotiate by the deadline and extended it another week.

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Larry Skow

At least he voted no on Omnibus Bill. Thune was a Traitor to GOP voters. Just sucking up tight to McConnell back side. Or hopefully Thunes lips get caught in McConnell's zipper one day.

Gimmy A. Breake

🔴You can always tell

that Larry’s losing

when sexual insults

are his choosing.

He reminds us of a bygone day

when “shocking” words

might win the fray.

With timeworn tactics

old jerks like him

make young folks chuckle

at wits grown dim.

So they will rattle Larry’s cage

to see him fuss and rant and rage.

The sad result of advancing age.

Dementia spread upon this page.🔴


How true.🤣

Rattle, Rattle, Larry.


How easy it is to bait 🪤 these old codgers while they’re busy trying to “own the libs”‼️

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